Sure the dog days of summer are over.  That means the days are shortening, cooler, and full of glorious Arizona sunshine and great weather.  Still some years the heat returns with a vengeance for weeks at a time leaving homeowners and businesses exasperated.  But, nothing beats the cool, refreshing relief of an evaporative cooling system in your home.

Standard analog climate control for an evaporative cooling system is a knob that can be switched to high, low, and fan-only. But, there are plenty of reasons to upgrade this setup to a digital thermostat.

Program Cooling Time

Evaporative coolers lower the temperature of outdoor air. Because of this, they are most effective when outdoor temperatures are lower. With a digital thermostat, you can program your evaporative cooler to run at certain times of day to maximize cooling.

Lower Utility Bills

With the standard climate control panel, you are essentially playing the guessing game until the house feels “cool enough” for you to turn off the evaporative cooler. A digital thermostat reads temperature and can automatically shut off the swamp cooler when it has reached a set temperature. This saves money on energy.

Know Your Comfort Zone

A digital thermostat gives you more insight into how temperature operates in your home on a daily basis. With the ability to track temperatures throughout the day, you can develop a cooling strategy that meets your unique needs.

Monitor Swamp Cooler Efficiency

With a digital thermostat, you can effectively see and feel how well your swamp cooler is working. This will make it much easier to identify potential problems so you can avoid a breakdown.

Sleek, Modern Climate Control

A digital thermostat hardly uses any electricity to function so you can have climate control of your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thermostat control panels come in a variety of styles and feature a variety of capabilities.

Give yourself the treat of ultimate climate control!– there is no reason not to! Contact Gorman Cooler Supply today for suggestions on digital thermostat packages and upgrade your quality of life!