Replacing Blower Wheel Assembly  When replacing blower wheel assembly on installed coolers that have the ductwork installed, it will require that the complete blower assembly be removed from the cooler.  Remove (4) 1⁄4” -20 x1/2 bolts from front flange (side discharge units) or duct bottom flange (down discharge units). Remove the bolts from blower support brackets.  Lift blower assembly from flanges.  Remove cutoff baffle from assembly.  Loosen blower wheel set screws.  Pull pulley and shaft from blower wheel & remove wheel from the housing assembly.

 Insert replacement blower wheel (Make sure the of direction of vanes curve towards duct opening). Insert shaft, add leather washer after inserting shaft thru bearing assembly. Insert shaft thru both blower wheel hubs, add leather washer and insert shaft thru bearing. (washer goes between wheel hub & bearing.)  Leave 1 7/8 ” of shaft extended beyond bearing and then tighten set screw on blower wheel hub while squeezing blower wheel hub against leather washer and bearing.    On opposite of pulley side, pull blower wheel hub and leather washer against bearing, then tighten set screw. Returning to the pulley side, assemble blower pulley flush with the end of the shaft. Reattach cut-off baffle to blower assembly. Install blower assembly to duct flanges, replace bolts Fasten blower support brackets