Let’s face it—our pets are cherished members of our family. Keeping them cool and comfortable during the summer heat is extremely important for their health and well being. We understand that the heat impacts them, and can pose some of the same risks as it does for the rest of our family members.

Cooling options will vary depending on the type of climate in which you live–dry or humid–the same way they do for us. Humidity can bring temperatures to a soaring level, yet dry heat can also be tough on pets. It is crucial to monitor your pets to ensure that they don’t develop signs of heatstroke during the hot summers. One easy step to keeping them safe at home is to provide the proper cooling solutions.

While you may feel that a regular fan is enough to keep your pets cool, The Humane Society of the United States warns otherwise. This just emphasizes the need for sufficient cooling solutions to keep your pets safe and comfortable.

Dry Climates

Indoor/Outdoor Evaporative Air Coolers

Evaporative air coolers are almost always the best solution for dry climates, since they add moisture to a very dry environment. One advantage of using evaporative air coolers inside is the constant flow of fresh air, which most pets love and crave. An evaporative air cooler fills that need since it requires a constant flow of fresh air from an adjacent open window in order to provide proper cooling.

The misty spray, however, may not work for all pets and may not please your finicky feline, but then again your pets may love evaporative air coolers, as many do. This option is a fantastic one if your pets are happy with this type of cooling. It is also the most cost-effective option since it uses much less electricity than air conditioners.

A win-win tactic is to test your evaporative air cooler at home to see how accepting your pets will be, but only If you purchase an indoor/outdoor model (as opposed to an indoor only model).

If your pets back away from the indoor/outdoor model inside the home—or seem irritated— you can happily use the unit outside in your backyard and enjoy your cool patio and bbq area. You can keep your pets in the shade with lots of water, and if they don’t become accustomed to the idea of an evaporative cooler even when it is used outside, you can monitor them while they stay in the shade with lots of drinking water. Be sure to move them inside if necessary. In this case, you would also need to place a portable air conditioner inside your home.

Here are a couple of examples of indoor/outdoor coolers:

The CoolTool 21 is versatile.  Can be used outside or inside and it’s portable. You can hook up water direct from a hose and enjoy fresh cool air.  This is great for dogs, horses and all other pets.

FD450 - Frigiking 4500 CFM Cooler is perfect for a small cooking space.  You can put it on top of a roof or use a side draft cooler to cool a space.

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